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Layout Examples

Below are some examples of potential layouts.  It is important to note that these are merely suggestions. Every range we make is custom designed so while the examples below may show a 72" range, it could also be 73" or 173" wide, it could be a wall range or an island... every range is designed one at a time based on your needs.

There are no differences between a Maestro by Bonnet range headed to a restaurant or a residence. They are identical in every aspect.

When thinking about designs, keep in mind that Maestro functions are large; we would need 48" wide just to do 4 burners for example. We are also big proponents of having working & plating space on a range top so we rarely squeeze functions together as tight as possible.

Legend for functions (to scale)

Sinle open burner.jpg

Single open burner

Gas 24,000 BTU

Double open burners.jpg

Double open burners

Gas 24,000 BTU each

Single plancha.jpg

Single plancha

Electric 2,900 Watts

Double plancha.jpg

Double plancha

Electric 5,700 Watts

EGO induction.jpg


2x5,000 Watts

3-Phase 208-240v only

10,000 Watts



Gas 41,000 BTU

Electric 7,400 Watts



Gas 41,000 BTU

PCF 900mm.jpg

French top 900mm (35.4" wide)

Gas 38,000 BTU

pcf 800mm.jpg

French top 800mm (31.5" wide)

Gas 38,000 BTU

PCF 700.jpg

French top 700mm (27.5" wide)

Gas 38,000 BTU

3.5kw induction.jpg


2x3,500 Watts

1-Phase 208-240v

7,000 Watts

Saint Remy logo
spoons 3.png

...and many more


Stainless apron sink

Various sizes

Dipper well.jpg

Spoon well with

running water/ drain

chefs sink.png

Chef's sink

Various sizes

Base Options:

Open storage

Closed storage

Electric plate warmers

Refrigerated options

Storage drawers

Layout 60_001.png

60" Examples

84" Examples

layout examples 84_001.png

72" Examples

Layout 72_001.jpg

96" Examples

layout examples 96_001.png

Island examples

Any design from above could be an island as well but here are a few examples

shutterstock_1051329818 edit.jpg
layout examples islands_001.png
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